Investment opportunity

  • Very attractive area of immuno-oncology with renewed interest for innovative therapeutic vaccines approaches as illustrated by recent deals (several billion USD since 2013) and Series A rounds. 
  • A robust preclinical PoC, a First-in-human in melanoma and a candidate in phase I/II for lung cancer (potentially relevant for other cancer types) 
  • Disruptive and versatile technology platform with broad IP and rapid generation of clinical candidates in any cancer type and various tumor antigen types. 
  • First licensing deal signed in Asia with LG-Chem.
  • Raised more than 61M in equity and non-dilutive money with last rounds led by the Asian leading VC KIP (Korean Investment Partners).
  • Strong team with complementary academic and industrial track record.
  • Round-C of 60-70M€ ongoing (expected closure end of 2024).