Intellectual property

PDC*vac's Intellectual Property is grounded on three pillars:

  • Proprietary PDC*line: PDC*line is unique and is the only cell line of human DCs for therapeutic use. A Master Cell Bank manufactured following GMP procedures has been fully characterized and validated in terms of viral safety
  • Three patent families (co-invented by Joel PLUMAS) with very good geographical coverage, protecting PDC*line generation (WO 2004/061089), the therapeutic use of any Plasmacytoid DC lines (WO 2009/138489) and the modified PDC*line for secreting a cytokine (WO/2020/083974).
  • Strong expertise and a large set of data accumulated over more than 15 years in the fields of preclinical data, manufacturing process, QC and immuno-monitoring in vitro assays.